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Welcome to Noble Civil & Commercial

Public sector & Local Authorities

Our team of experts assist local authorities, as well as central government departments and other public bodies. We offer a wide range of services with regards to agreements to which local authorities or public bodies must adhere to. We can prepare drafting of any such agreements, as well as enforce any existing agreement which has not been observed.

The range of services we provide includes;

  • • Commercial property and construction advice,
  • • Intellectual property advice,
  • • Drafting of contracts, and 
  • • Licensing.

We can also assist local authorities and public bodies through our other departments, for matters such as Employment Law, Debt Recovery, or European Union Law, giving them a fuller picture of the impact of these areas on any agreements.

Under this area we can advise clients working in industrial engineering which is the United Kingdoms sixth largest industry. The scale of this industry means that clients will need to obtain advice from experienced solicitors.

The chemicals industry is central to world economy and it is one of the largest manufacturing industries in the United Kingdom. The products within this industry are the basis for most manufacturing activities. The mining and metals sectors are also relevant as legal procedures must be adhered to before work can be carried out. Our team will assist when matters arise to ensure that clients do not face any problems.

These matters are also relevant for the telecommunications and transportation industries both of which cover a variety of sectors. We can provide advice and assist businesses and companies on matters affecting them within these areas.

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