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Check Your Pet Insurance Is Adequate

There cannot be many things that are more upsetting than a much loved pet  suddenly becoming  very ill.    Being able to afford the treatment they’ll need is a tremendous worry to anyone.  Responsible owners will of course have adequate pet insurance in place from the word go.  No one these days should even think of having a domestic pet it.   This is often set up via the vetinary surgery or through one of the massive out of town pet supply super stores.  It is critical though to ensure you read through everything on the policy before you buy.  How much is the excess – if you have to pay up to £100 every time before you can claim can sometimes put you off putting in any claim at all.  However, it is just as important to look through and check what the procedure would be for any major crisis – I have a pal whose springer spaniel developed cancer in one eye – the treatment was slow and involved lots of scans and then losing the eye.  It was all paid for by her pet insurance and at least that worrying part was lifted from their shoulders – which was a relief as they felt shredded with emotional exhaustion much of the time.  The dog is fine now, looks slightly odd but is well and very content!