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The Dottiness Of Our Laws Sometimes Baffle

There are many occasions throughout the year when you hear bad stuff in the news on in the local paper and you wonder what you’d do if it happened to you.  I’m thinking here of a case recently that got rediculously lenient sentencing after a protracted search and arrest – because the victims were chickens and a pony, the crimes were not considered worthy of a decent custodial sentence.  The lad committing the offences had a longer sentence for carrying a knife than for the stabbings he carried.   There is definitely something seriously wrong with a legal system that cannot find a way to sentence harshly when called upon.   The judge made a point in her summing up that she was completely flummocksed at the rediculous state of affairs.  This is where you feel almost pity for the defence lawyer in this case – he must have felt really sick at having to deal with the offender, but the law required a defence counsel to be provided.  He has to do the best he can in the circumstances – if only to make the rest of us feel that the law is fair to all.