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Different Routes To Sorting Disputes Being Found

Since the country has had to endure the long lockdown with not as much access to services as usual, it must have been quite perplexing for anyone needing the assistance of a citizens’ advice bureau or even a solicitor.  Many of these services have been functioning but in a different format with the client contacting a helpline and a specialist then calling them back.  The same as with the doctor at the surgery – many a consultation has taken place by phone or video, very successfully too.  This could well be the way forward for many smaller operations – not every action requires a visit to the high street office – a lot of paperwork is preset with only a tick box operation needed anyway.  The harder part of this is when negotiation and meaty discussions are called for.  Person to person interaction very often sorts the problems out and this arrangement has to be catered for.  Finding suitable premises, neutral to both sides in any dispute is often the key question but ways and means are always found where there’s a will to sort matters out!