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Breakdown In Family Life Needs Expert Lawyers

There are many tragic cases per year that require family law – family and marriage breakdowns;  children who have to have special lawyers to sort out the most heartbreaking and complex cases.  These matters require a solicitor with expert knowledge on all aspects of family law and has dealings constantly with the social service side of councils.  They work hand in hand at times, to ensure that child safety through the legal system remains paramount.  The work carried out t sort out divorces, family dealings etc. is totally different to the work done by conveyancing solicitors, although of course, with the breakdown of a marriage or partnership, almost always leads to the disposal of joint accommodation an the need for one party to leave and claim a share if it’s later sold.  The requirement for the children to be housed, and generally with the mum, does mean that the father will be feeling raw about the changes in his life too.