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How To Change To Law From Another Career Start

Not everybody knows that they want to study law when they first leave school.  I can think of at least three very successful legal eagles who went off to university planning to do other subjects but then gravitated towards the law when they were in their second or third year.  It may well be that they attended lecture or were studying something that brought them into the grasp of legal tutors and suddenly they had that light bulb moment.   to become a solicotor for example  you can apply to take a qualiying law degree followed by the LPC (legal practice course).  Or if  you already have a non law degree, yo can apply to take the CPE (common professional examination, or GDL (graduate diploma in law) conversion course followed by the CPE.    Then you need to hve a two year training cntract with a firm of solicitors.  So it’s not something for the faint hearted, you really do need to want to be in law!