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Online Reearch Brings New Career Ideas

I was chatting to one of my neighbour’s daughters recently – she’s doing her A levels shortly and knows now that she wants to enter the legal profession.  Her school has given a little career advice but generally she doesn’t know what branch of law might appeal.  I showed her the government web site that covers all aspects of the courts system in England and Wales.  This has been very carefully constructed to show the current system and where in history certain changes had to be made and under which statute this occured.  It makes for really interesting reading and opens the eyes to all sorts of possibilities for specialism.  Not everyone wants to be a conveyancing solicitor or have the trauma of being a divorce lawyer throught the Family Court.  You might fancy tackling the criminals of the world and join the CPS and bring cases to the High Court.  Exciting life ahead of that young lady.  She was enthralled at the prospect.