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A Little Overview Of Family Justice System

Family law in UK is made up of three major areas of work – matramonial, finance and child law.  Lawyers working in the family courts generally specialise in one or other; there are a few who mix all three but the complex cases that come through tend to call for specialists.     Family courts in England make decisions primarily about children and the financial side.  When a relationship breaks down and there is no agreement between the parties regarding the sharing of the assets and finances, the Court is usually asked to make these complex decisions.

The Family Justice system is there to help families resolve disputes quickly and with minimum fuss and disruption to the parties involved.  In most cases the pasrties are encourages to seek mediation to enable them to resolve family disputes, unless there is a negative element for safety reasons.  If agreement is not fund possible, the Court still works to make the family dispute less adversarial but there will stil need tobe a court hearing for the Judge to decide the proper outcome.