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How Barristers Give Ultimate Legal Advice

When we think of legal advice, it’s usually in terms of popping down to the local high street solicitor to find out if something that’s annoying us has any merit in growing a case round it.  That’s usually the max we get involved with the legal eagles near us.  In fact another sort of legal advice is often needed but at a much higher level.  Barristers are the next stage on.  These very fine and much experienced legal beagles will look at cases being considered by solicitors to go to trial.  Obviously in the case of criminal court they will  advise on the merits or otherwise of the case for the Crown Prosecution or for the defence lawyers.    They have supremely in depth knowledge of the law, they know how to present a well argued case and will instinctively know whether the case has legs.  Obviously someone who pleasds not guilty to a claim against them has to prove that innocence and will be provided with a defence team.   If they then even hint that they may actually have been guilty, then the defence lawyer cannot conduct a defence to get them off the charge – the case changes and goes to sentencing procedures.