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Many Consideration Before Cases Come To Court

When any member of the public needs legal assistance, be it to assist if they’ve been apprehended or for sorting a tragic breakdown of marriage etc. it is reassuring to note that the legal practioner they select or get offered will be well trained and fully qualified.  Taking our first example, maybe there’s been a caution or even an arrest.  When a crime is committed the Crown Prosecution Service is the deparment that prosecutes cases being investigated by the police.  Their role is to advise the police on possible prosecution in cases.  Reviewing any cases put forward by the police;  Determining if there are any charges and what they are in very serious and complex cases and of course, they are involved in preparing and presenting cases through the courts.  Before a case comes to court, the CPS has to decide if it passes the two tests laid donw in the Code for crown prosecutions.  Is there enough evidence against the defendant and if yes, is there a realistic prospect of conviction, will it be in the public interest to prosecute the defandant.

So not all cases end in conviction through the courts.  A lot of very qualified folk look and consider cases before such action.