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Common Sense On Identity Evidence Needed

I have recently acted as executor for a relative’s will and last effects.  It was a brief but very enjoyable and interesting little duty to perform but with lots of beneficiaries.   The will was simple in real terms so the biggest area of concern was transferring a property into the son’s name.  With the current request for folk to remain in their homes as much as possible and not socially mix or travel, it is very eery when you do have to make journeys into town – my accomplice and I made our way very solemnly through a completely empty market square which would usually be absolutely heaving with stalls and noisy characters yelling out their wares.    The rules surrounding the need to stamp out fraud and money laundering are such that every activity concerning a will needs to have separate calls for identification evidence – normally one doesn’t mind popping into an office and prodicung passports and utility bills but in the current situation, there will need to be a change so that the first officers to handle any will action at the law firm concerned, should be able to show they have the requisite evidence to other colleagues and departments further along the chain and thus satisfy the legal niceties on the one hand and medical protection ones on the other!