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Tribunals – A Different Form Of Hearing

One of the less sensational legal disciplines involves ujnified structure laid dow back in 2007 and casdes are heard throughj the Tribunal system.   Tribunals handle many diferent types of cases which have diverse heads of claim ranging from unfair dismissal and all other types of workploace disputes to looking at levy training boards for certain industires such asbuilding and construction.   Most tribunal hearings are chaired by legally qualifie3d tribunal judges, often sitting with non legally trained members who are specialists in other ways, i.e. they can be doctors, accountants, surveyors or perhaps HR directors.  For absolute fairness, one non legal member will represent the employer side i.e. have experience to look at the respondent argument and the other member will be from the employee background.   For discrimination cases th non legal members are chosen to represent an element of the complaint, people who have direct cultural, race, religious/faith activities that make them suitable to understand the arguments put forward.