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New Trial Scheme To Open Up Reporting On Family Cases

Generally the three main areas of work making up family law are matrimonial, finance and child law.   There have been recent changes overall to family law and these are just coming on stream now and will inform opionion through debate and much eporting.  The actual changes have not passed all the legal loopholes as yet but are expcted to be given royal assent to enable their implementaton from April 2025.    For example there is a year long trial scheme allowing reporter to give details of the financial remesdies handed out for divorce;  financial support for children and the relief in financial tewrms following divorces obained overseas.   The reporters will have to be selected, vetted and accredited formally before being allowed in a courtroom.  Once there the sitting judge must take the deciion on whether the reporters can give certain details of the case, with press caveats of anonymity and confidntiality.  There will then be various other actions regarding supply of information pertaining to the case given electronically with stored information.  Many safeguarding rules are in place for these changes to work effectively.