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Welcome to Noble Civil & Commercial

Contract Formation & Agreements

Contract FormationSuccessful co-operation between businesses lies in the initial dealings and the subsequent contract formation. We have a dedicated team of experts prepared to work with you to ensure that your aims will be achieved and you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of the agreement we will prepare for you.

Contracts are used frequently in day to day life and as such Noble Solicitors understands the importance of ensuring they are effectively drafted to avoid any problems. Some uses for contracts include:

  • • Advertising
  • • Agency contracts
  • • Contracts for the sale of a business
  • • Commercial leases
  • • Confidentiality agreements
  • • Contract for the hire of premises
  • • Employment contracts
  • • Limited liability partnership agreements
  • • Loans
  • • Non-disclosure agreements
  • • Partnership agreements
  • • Shareholders agreements
  • • Termination of and release from a contract

We can also make sure that once agreed, the contract will be properly maintained and if the situation requires, we will put in all the effort to enforce the contract for you.

Contract formation and agreements is essential within the manufacture of vehicles and components and the motor trade. Our team can assist any business within the automobile and parts industry to set up and operate their business. We can also advise on the steps which need to be taken in order to achieve this.

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