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Consumer Law

Consumer LawThe sources of Consumer law can be found in the following statutory provisions:

  • • The Sales of Goods Act – which deals with your rights when you make a purchase;
  • • The Consumer Credit Act – which deals with aspects of credit agreements, especially relating to the formation of the contract and information which must be available to you;
  • • The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations – which deal with internet purchases as well as all other distance purchases where you cannot examine the goods you are buying.

If you have any problems or complaints to make, we can assist you at affordable costs. We can ensure your rights are respected and you receive a satisfactory outcome to your dispute.

On the other hand, if you are a company which wants to sell goods, we can ensure that you will be suitably advised about your obligations under the above mentioned statutory provisions and the consequences of failure to comply. Furthermore, should any issues arise, we can ensure that your position will be safeguarded and all appropriate measures will be undertaken to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

These consumer law matters are relevant for those within the travel industry. For businesses within this sector there is a need to have a team who can resolve matters and are experienced in providing advice within this area. Our team can do this for you and ensure that your business is not negatively affected.

Also for businesses providing services it is crucial to ensure that the relevant consumer law rules and procedures have been adhered to. If they are not this could seriously affect your business and its reputation. Our team can ensure that all your legal obligations have been fulfilled so problems do not arise.

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