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Welcome to Noble Civil & Commercial

About Us

Noble Solicitors has structured its vision since 1996 to adapt to increased globalisation and fast paced changes in technology. Our specialism has expanded from criminal defence to encompass other sectors such the civil and commercial litigation and law.

On the 1st July 2008 Noble solicitors merged with Kewley Radley Solicitors and Tank Jowett solicitors on the 1st April 2011.These mergers have allowed Noble Solicitors to meet the ever changing needs of our clients requirements.

Noble Solicitors is a reputable and leading law firm. We deliver cost effective legal advice and business solutions. Our highly capable team is equipped to handle a wide range of matters. Many of our clients have long standing and continuing relationships with us. Our client’s satisfaction and loyalty stems from confidence and trust in our team to provide a tailored and exceptional service.

Our team leaders have extensive knowledge and experience in business, and our diverse talents give us an advantage in understanding our client’s vision and business needs.

We are constantly evolving as a law firm, orientated towards business. Our innovative provision of legal services includes virtual lawyering and using engagement models to provide unique client focused delivery for businesses.

Noble Solicitors offers a wide range of commercial solutions which can maintain business, cash flow and corporate relationships in a practical, cost efficient manner. Problems requiring the use of a firm such as Noble Solicitors can arise from time to time in the general day to day business world.

We believe that our clients issues are our primary focus and so we work relentlessly to provide the best solution for the issues. However complicated the case may be, our solutions are simple, realistic and achievable.

We apply our passion for the law and our interest in the world for the benefit of each of our clients.

We are ambitious for our clients but we understand the importance of making a positive impact on the community at large.

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