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Online Reearch Brings New Career Ideas

I was chatting to one of my neighbour’s daughters recently – she’s doing her A levels shortly and knows now that she wants to enter the legal profession.  Her school has given a little career advice but generally she doesn’t […]

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Having All Legal Bases Covered By Right Team

When you are running any kind of business, there will come a time when legal services are needed.  This could be if disputes arise with the management board of the office suite or maybe a conflict occurs with supplier or […]

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Knowing How To Proceed With A Legal Claim

Finding your way around the legal profession can be quite an alarming process if you have not had any experience.  For most families this will be the case and if they suddenly find themselves at the wrong end of a […]

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Difference Streams Within The Legal Profession

When I was working as a case officer in a tribunal setting, I was subjected to a great number of challenging issues – loud aggressive parties; complete idiot claimants; devious lying respondents; devious lying and idiotic claimants.   Knowing whether you’re […]

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Inhouse Lawyers Have Specific Tasks

Although an in house lawyer tends to offer the most comprehensive & wide range of legal time points, they have very clearly documented areas of responsibility.  Complying with all the current statutes laid down by government is  major.  Ensuring that […]

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