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Difference Streams Within The Legal Profession

When I was working as a case officer in a tribunal setting, I was subjected to a great number of challenging issues – loud aggressive parties; complete idiot claimants; devious lying respondents; devious lying and idiotic claimants.   Knowing whether you’re covered by personal or domestic insurance is a very useful thing to start with – it can open so many legal helplines!  If you are looking for a good, reliable family lawyer for sorting out wills, legacies, divorce – with all the nightmares that can involve, it is critical that you are able to engage the right level of legal advice and cover.      There are so many other legal disciplines too – criminal is one that we tend to overlook in every day dealings.   There is also the area of acting as a commercial lawyer too – say with a huge company that needs a fleet of lawyers in their headquarters ensuring they meet all statutory obligations laid down by parliament.