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Knowing How To Proceed With A Legal Claim

Finding your way around the legal profession can be quite an alarming process if you have not had any experience.  For most families this will be the case and if they suddenly find themselves at the wrong end of a dispute, it can be very daunting trying to get it sorted out.  Sometimes a recourse to the law is the only way forward.  Take notes of who said what and when, and take photographic evidence of the offending article – keep a file on this whilst  you try to resolve by peaceful means.  If you need legal help, make an appointment with Citizens’ Advice; in the meantime, check your householf insurance to see if you have legal cover and if so, does it cover dispute resolution.  If you do have cover, ring the helpline to discuss your problem with the legal team.  They will then advice next steps and advice what not to do also.