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Welcome to Noble Civil & Commercial

Projects & Infrastructure

Investment into a project or infrastructure requires detailed consideration of any legal implications which may arise during the process. Clients who have decided on investment can contact our team of experienced professionals who can help in negotiations and drafting of contracts. We can ensure that the legal side of your investment is monitored and your project is realised without unnecessary delays.

We provide help in a number of different industry sectors, including;

  • • Oil and gas,
  • • Technology,
  • • Telecommunications, and
  • • Transport.

Our knowledged team can advise various financial institutions, investors and private equity funds, whether large or small. At Noble Solicitors we strive to ensure that our client’s projects are realised to their full potential and we ensure that the service provided is quick and professional.

This area of law is crucial in the electricity industry and its three key areas: generators, distributors and suppliers. Any business within this industry can rely on Noble Solicitors to assist them with new projects to expand their company and make it truly international.

The utilities industry including water, gas and energy provide a vital service. We can advise clients working within this sector on investments which can be made to expand their business. Our team has worked with clients within this industry, and have experience advising on the various matters which affect them.

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