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Welcome to Noble Civil & Commercial

Professional Negligence

Certain professionals owe a duty of care to their clients and there are instances when allegations are made of a breach of this duty. When this happens we help our clients to receive compensation for any loss suffered.

At Noble Solicitors we understand that professionals may also need help when accusations have been made against them. We are here to provide advice in these situations to help clear their names and ensure that their reputations are upheld.

We advise our clients on claims against a number of professionals including solicitors, barristers, accountants and those in the medical profession.

We have expertise in these areas and can advise on:

  • • The merits of your claim,
  • • Provide clear advice on the options available to you,
  • • Full explanation of the procedure involved in pursuing the case,
  • • Represent you in any proceedings, and
  • • Recover compensation due to you.

If you have suffered any loss as a result of inadequate services provided to you or allegations of this nature have been made against you then our experienced team can assist you.

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