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Welcome to Noble Civil & Commercial

Merchandising & Sponsorship Law

In the current economical climate merchandising techniques are used to attract new clients. However in order to successfully use a brand or trade mark, it needs to be adequately protected by Intellectual Property law. Our experts can help you to ensure that the right protection is afforded to your brand. We will ensure that any violations of your rights are effectively remedied.

We will provide help to our clients on a number of issues including;

  • • Due Diligence – we conduct complete searches on our clients applications to ensure successful registration
  • • Registration – our specialists will consider all relevant jurisdictions for registration
  • • Enforcement – all disputes and infringements will be dealt with taking into consideration the best course of action for our clients

As a team of specialists, we can ensure that sponsorship contracts are agreed and drafted in light of our clients needs. We will endeavour to promote your business in the most professionally efficient way and we will consider all the options available to you.

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