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Welcome to Noble Civil & Commercial

Maritime Law

Maritime law is the body of law, conventions and treaties which govern international business or matters involving the transport of goods by ship. This area involves work which is both contentious and non-contentious.

At Noble Solicitors our team of experts carry out a range of work, including;

  • • Drafting contracts for the carriage of cargo and passengers,
  • • Providing chartering and shipping services,
  • • Breach of contract,
  • • Breach by carrier,
  • • Breach by cargo carrier,
  • • Sale of goods,
  • • Arbitration, and
  • • Settling any disputes which arise.

We provide a comprehensive service for carriers, ship owners, brokers and captains of ships. We undertake matters related to the sale of ships, their construction and registration. We can undertake specialist work in this area and act for you efficiently to resolve your matters.

Those within the shipping industry can contact our team for assistance with these matters. Our team can advise both small and large businesses with these matters. We can ensure that the correct advice is given and problems are resolved efficiently.

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