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Welcome to Noble Civil & Commercial

Leasing & Hire Law

Leasing and Hire Purchase are financial facilities which allow a business to use an asset over a fixed period, in return for regular payments. Hire Purchase is where ownership of the asset transfers when payments have been made by the business. Leasing is where the asset will not pass to the business customer. Our team can help clients to decide which would be suitable for them based on their business needs.

There are a large number of business assets which can be leased, including:

  • • Plant and machinery
  • • Business cars
  • • Commercial vehicles
  • • Office equipment

At Noble Solicitors we can advise clients on any agreements which have been made and review them to see if they are suitable for our clients. We can also draft any agreements based on the client’s requirements. Our team can assist businesses on hire purchase agreements and ensure the return of any goods rightly belonging to them. To do this we use all methods available and if necessary litigate through the courts.

This area of law is crucial for those in the electronic industry with regard to the leasing and hire of electrical equipment. This is an essential aspect of the business and we can assist with all the legal requirements which need to be met to ensure your business is running with the correct equipment.

It is also relevant in the technology sectors, this sector is one which is constantly changing and developing. Businesses therefore need to keep up to date and ensure they have the correct equipment to enable them to develop alongside competitors. Our team can assist with all these matters and ensure that your business is not negatively affected

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