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Welcome to Noble Civil & Commercial

Insurance Law

At Noble we specialise in resolving complex claims and provide legal assistance to insurers, as well as brokers and policyholders. We prepare opinions, negotiate contracts as well as assess projects with a high level of risk.

We protect your rights as customers and insurance companies arising from insurance contracts. In many cases, the amount of compensation paid by insurers is grossly underestimated in comparison to the entitled compensation. Very often a person does not realise the opportunity to seek legal redress.

You do not want to waste your time dealing with a tedious and lengthy process, we will take your matter on and endeavour to negotiate and conclude it and ensure you receive compensation which is rightfully due. We can:

  • • Process your claim and dispute settlement,
  • • Advise companies on corporate transactions, and
  • • Advise on issues involving capital and derivatives.

We can do this all whilst also keeping in mind the implications of the process with relation to the Financial Services Authority. With an expert team we will endeavour to resolve your matter efficiently.

This area of law is important to clients within the insurance industry. Britain has a global lead in this industry, as such we have the experience to advise clients within this sector on all matters relevant to them.

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