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Welcome to Noble Civil & Commercial

Information Technology Law

At Noble Solicitors we have unique solutions in giving legal assistance on the most complex matters to both private and public entities operating in the IT market. We aim to provide you with security and peace of mind.

The services we provide include the preparation of legal opinions relating to the license agreements for software. We negotiate contracts for the creation and maintenance of web services and the supply of software and hardware.

Our team can assist you with matters including;

  • • Data protection/privacy – advising on data security incidents, access requests and freedom of information,
  • • E-commerce – advising on rules and regulations,
  • • Media – advising on broadcasting services and relevant regulations, and
  • • Telecoms and broadcasting regulations – advising on licenses, regulations and consumer protection matters.

We can ensure that your business activity complies with existing legal requirements relating to Health and Safety Regulations, Copyrights and Data Protection Law.

Businesses within the software and computers industry will need assistance with these matters. This industry is ever growing and developing and our team can assist with matters which affect any business. We can provide help to ensure that all relevant law is adhered to and the business does not face any problems.

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