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Welcome to Noble Civil & Commercial

Information Laws

Data Protection Law & Freedom of Information Act

The constitutional framework of legislation that governs the rights which impart information and those which protect your data consists of the Freedom of Information Act and the Data Protection Act. Our level of experience allows us to confidently help you to deal with any information related matters you may have.

We are able to advise and help if you have any issues related to data, for instance:

  • • Storage
  • • Processing
  • • Transfers abroad
  • • Failure to observe strict rules related to Personal Data, or Sensitive Personal Data
  • • Compliance
  • • Sanctions and penalties

If your entity handles personal information about individuals or businesses whether they are clients, employees or contacts, you will be subject to legal obligations. The information you have must be protected under the Data Protection Act 1998. At Noble Solicitors we can advise on:

  • • Designing, drafting or renewing HR policies,
  • • Freedom of information legislation,
  • • Data protection matters when processing sensitive information, and
  • • Marketing issues relating to telephone, fax and email.
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