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Welcome to Noble Civil & Commercial

European Union Law

Our team understands the importance of globalisation and integration which creates a demand for legal service related to the operation of cross-border transactions. A crucial part of international law for each business operating on the UK market is European Union law. European Union law expands to various areas of economic activity. We prepare legal analysis which includes the establishment of companies and their branches abroad e.g. European arrest warrants and European civil proceedings. Because of the primacy of EU law over National Law, we provide extensive assistance in the field of direct effect and state liability issues, including the possibility of relying on those provisions before or against national authorities.

Our team is equipped with the experience and knowledge in the following:

  • • The legislative process
  • • Enforcement of EU law
  • • Actions against EU Bodies
  • • The relationship between EU law and National law
  • • Citizenship of the Union
  • • The free movement of workers and goods
  • • The freedom to provide and receive services
  • • EU Competition law
  • • Customs Tariff
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