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Welcome to Noble Civil & Commercial

Environment & Climate Change

Environmental and climate change law is an essential part of any country’s legal system and it can effect your entity, whether you are aware of the legislation or not. We understand the climate law and can therefore assess how your entity can be effected and the measures which may be needed to avoid liability. We can also represent your entity in any proceedings brought against you.

Our environment department offers advice on:

  • • Contaminated land and environmental liability
  • • Water pollution and protection
  • • Wildlife and habitual issues
  • • Corporate governance, environmental disclosure and access to information
  • • Waste management, licensing and permitting
  • • Environmental litigation and dispute resolution
  • • Appeals against regulatory decisions
  • • Judicial review of administrative acts
  • • Flooding
  • • Energy, renewables and the environment
  • • Emission trading

Compliance of the law under this area will allow your entity to develop and grow; this will avoid any unpleasant surprises, gaining, where possible, a competitive advantage.

This area of law is particularly relevant both in the forestry and paper industry and the mining and minerals sectors. For those within these sectors it is crucial to keep up to date with climate and environment law as it has a direct effect on their business. Our team is aware of this and can guide clients through the processes and provide advice on the best procedures to resolve any matters.

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