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Welcome to Noble Civil & Commercial

Commercial Projects

Commercial ProjectsEvery project your company wants to undertake involves some legal implications. Some are probably easy to overcome via your own means; however, it is still worth having a team of experts working alongside you to ensure that the desired outcome of any of your projects will not be jeopardised by legal provisions you may have overlooked.

We are experts in the majority of civil law areas, which means that we can help you with regards to any commercial projects you may have without the need to sub-delegate. This has been proven to be the most cost efficient and quickest way to achieve your aims.

At Noble Solicitors we can advise you on the best route to take for your project and the right contract you could enter in to, we can help with:

  • • EPC Contracts – where the contractor designs the installation, procures the necessary materials and builds the project, either directly or by subcontracting aspects of the work,
  • • EPCM Contracts – where the contractor manages the entire project and completes the basic work,
  • • EPCI Contracts – where the contractor will design the structure, procure the necessary materials, undertake construction and transportation and set up the offshore site, and
  • • PFI Contracts – where public-private partnerships are created when private capital is used to fund public infrastructure projects.
  • Some of the advantages of having these contracts are:
  • • Reduces stress for proprietor
  • • Single point of contact for owner simplifies communications
  • • Ready availability of post-commissioning services
  • • Ensures quality and reduces practical issues faced in other ways
  • • Owner protected against changing prices for materials, labour etc.
  • • The owner defines scope and specification, quality, project duration and cost

If there are any potential disputes which arise during the construction our team can advise and represent you in pre-dispute negotiations, mediations, proceedings before dispute review boards, nonbinding adjudications, administrative proceedings and before domestic and international arbitrations.

Under this area there is particular relevance to the mobile telecommunications industry. Clients within this industry can contact our team for advice to help expand their business to take it to an international level.

Oil and gas production is a vital part of energy within the United Kingdom. This has been the largest sector for industrial development for the past four decades. It is crucial to ensure that the correct contracts are entered into for the success of the business and our team can provide this service for your Commercial Projects.

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