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Clinical & Medical Negligence

medical negligenceIf you have been injured as a result of medical negligence you may be entitled to claim for damages for your injuries and any losses incurred as a result. Medical professionals owe their patients what is known as a 'duty of care'. This means that they are responsible for providing an acceptable level of care and for protecting you from harm. As a patient you are entitled to expect reasonable standards of care and treatment and if these are not met, your doctors and other health professionals may have committed a breach of their duty of care. Clinical or medical negligence are the terms used to describe cases where this duty of care is breached, and as a result of the breach the patient suffers an injury.

Our aim in clinical negligence cases is to ensure that you receive an appropriate level of damages in order to adequately compensate you for the injury you have suffered and reimburse you for any loss of earnings or expenses you have incurred as a result.

In order to do that our team of legal experts will accurately assess the merits of your case from the outset and work alongside medical experts to ensure your claim is resolved as swiftly as possible. An appropriate level of damages will be sought from the Defendant to ensure you are left in the financial position you would have been in but for the negligent treatment, as well as compensate you for any pain and suffering.

There are many types of medical negligence and examples include:

  • • A delay in diagnosis and or treatment that impacts your prospects of recovery, such as a delay in diagnosis of cancer 
  • • Negligently performed surgery 
  • • Incorrect or inappropriate treatment 
  • • The failure of a medical device or product 
  • • Incorrectly prescribed medication either by a doctor or pharmacy 
  • • Birth injury claims resulting from delays in diagnosis and or incorrect treatment of foetal distress during labour
  • • Dental negligence
  • • Fatal accident claims, where the death of a loved one occurs as a result of negligent treatment or care

The United Kingdom is home to the fifth and sixth largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Our biotechnology sector is also number one in Europe and second in the world. Companies within this industry need to pay particular attention to medical negligence and as such our team can assist them with any matters. This is crucial to ensure that problems are not faced by businesses and their reputations are not affected in a way which will negatively impact their business.

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