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Welcome to Noble Civil & Commercial

Banking & Finance Law

finance law and banking lawBanking and Finance law are complex and require an in depth knowledge in order to achieve desired objectives. At Noble Solicitors we understand that the majority of issues relate to the creation of a contract on the basis of which the advancements of funds can be made. We are highly experienced in negotiating terms of any contracts relating to:

  • • Lending;
  • • Acquisition finance;
  • • Asset finance; • Securitisation;
  • • Derivatives;
  • • International banking; and
  • • Islamic finance law.

Our team can advise you on matters such as:

  • • Disputes - arising from complex investment products, vehicles and funds including fund management disputes, investor disputes, misselling claims and misrepresentation
  • • Consumer Finance - including agreements, compliance and enforcement
  • • Debt Recovery – enforcement and related insolvency issues
  • • Insurance – including travel, PPI, income protection and legal expenses
  • • Standard Terms and Conditions – advising on promotional material, internet services, merchant acquisition and strategic alliance agreements.

We can prepare agreements or review an agreement proposed by another party. We provide advice on the consequences of entering into any financial contract. In instances of disputes we can mediate on your behalf in order to reach a compromise and avoid litigation. Our team of dedicated experts can offer you help and offer guidance on finance law and banking law whether you are a business, or a financial institution.

The United Kingdom is home to a large domestic and international banking industry. At Noble Solicitors we can assist any company or business with how to start and progress in their business or company to take it from being successful domestically to being successful internationally.

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