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Welcome to Noble Civil & Commercial

Aviation Law

Aviation LawThere is no doubt that an aircraft is a very expensive asset which can be subject to financial arrangements. It is potentially one of many major investments for your business; as such it is always worth considering any potential legal implications. Our aviation law team can help to:

  • • Prepare a purchase agreement which will be appropriate to the structure of your business and advise which finance option would be beneficial
  • • Decide under which jurisdiction to register the aircraft and the appropriate law which should govern an agreement
  • • Obtain certificates, licenses and permits required for the conduct of activities in the field of air transport, ground handling and ports
  • • Advise you on EU regulations related to the protection of passengers' rights
  • • Assist with aircraft accidents
  • • Advise on airports, airspace and aviation security
  • • Assist with aviation insurance claims
  • • Advise on matters of aircraft repossession and enforcement
  • • Resolve aircraft disputes between buyers and sellers

We are prepared to assist and guide you through the entire process and advise on any problems you may encounter with aviation law. Our combined expertise across all areas of aviation law ensures that we are constantly ahead of issues affecting the aviation industry.

The United Kingdom has the largest aerospace industry in Europe and our team can assist any business within this industry. We can advise new businesses on the requirements they need to fulfill to establish themselves and we can provide help to established businesses when problems arise.

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