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Welcome to Noble Civil & Commercial

Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

Arbitration and Dispute ResolutionAt Noble Solicitors we understand that any dispute you may face during your business activity can be resolved by way of litigation. However this may not be a suitable option for all clients. In instances when Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution are chosen to resolve matters we aim to consider your position and avoid lengthy and expensive litigation proceedings. Domestic Arbitrations are governed by the Arbitration Act 1996 and our team is well versed in the rules and procedures which are used in the UK.

It is always worth considering these alternative routes as they can be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • • Any decision is legally binding without the involvement of the court which is often more expensive and time-consuming;
  • • It is private and confidential
  • • It is potentially independent of the legal jurisdictions of the parties
  • • It is suitable for multi-party disputes
  • • Practical solutions tailored to parties’ interests and needs
  • • It preserves the relationship between parties

Some litigators believe that the advantages of arbitration are exaggerated however it is worth bearing in mind that an economically stronger party may have more advantages in arbitration than in litigation.

Our expert team will complete the necessary work during arbitration proceedings to ensure that this process is successful for you. We will work quickly to minimise disruption to your business and endeavour to achieve the best outcome for you. The work we can do for clients includes filing and responding to requests for Arbitration as well as representing you in the process. We can also prepare settlement agreements based on your business needs.

If you decide that arbitration is an appropriate route for dispute resolution, our dedicated team of specialists can advise and help you to organise and manage any dispute you may have.

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